Monday, July 02, 2007

Wanted: 100 Sponsorships @ 500 Rand for the Team SA!

What a nervewrecking week!
But it is as it is: The public strike, which took about a month, has thrown a monkey wrench into our plans. Two team members, Theo Braaf and Sakhekile Qoyi, had applied for passports but while the skeleton staff did the best to approve the passports, it was then the printing machine that failed us - it broke and because of the strike there was nobody to fix it...

So our hands were tied and we had to book the flights for the team and to start the process to apply for the two different visas required for the voyage.

We now booked 3 flights to Europe - the first one is for Belinda Mabilwana, the second one is for Daphné Jacobs, and the third is for Sarah-Leigh Enticott, the back-up team member, who will take the place of one the original team members.

Though sad for Theo and Sakhe we congratulate Sarah for moving up into the first team. You have done very well throughout the process and you well deserve this spot!

There still is a slight chance to get the passports for Theo and Sakhe this week, but that means: the flights will be much more expensive!
So if you still want to give Sakhe or Theo the chance to go, we need your HELP! Support us with 100 Sponsorships @ 500 Rand each and the team can be complete!

Give Team SA a chance to present South Africa during the Tall Ship's Race and allow disadvantaged youth , who have worked so hard to be on the team to have this life-changing experience !

Click here for a quick donate, we need 100 people, who each give 500 Rand!
That button links you to the Greater Good SA website, which offers an online donation facility! Please use 'Tall Ship Race' as a reference!


Sanna said...

hey guys,

that is such a shame.i will forward this news and try to get ppl to donate 500rand for you!!


Anja said...

Thanks Sanna, it would help!
Keep it up!