Friday, October 05, 2007

I have to say GOOD BYE...

Dear blog reader,

after 6 month as an intern with Cape Windjammers Education Trust, unfortunately I have to say good bye. My internship is over now and I have to go back to Germany to finish my study in media management and write my master thesis.

I had a great time in SA - to write and create e.g. the blog for team SA and to be with them throughout the whole selection, preparation and follow up process was a rewarding and enriching experience that will stay with me.

It was so nice to meet Sarah, Belinda, Daphné, Sakhe, Valentino, Theo, Kelvin, Nonkanyiso, Thandikhaya and Marlon. You all have such great enthusiasm, power and grooves :) ... don't give up and believe in yourself.

In German there is a saying: "Man sieht sich immer zweimal im Leben!" That means, you will meet a person twice in life...and who knows what happend! :)

Take care and much love,