Friday, May 04, 2007

3. Selection Workshop - Visit of Dutch Barque Europa

The third selection workshop took place on 27 April 2007. In the morning the youth came to the Cape Windjammers Office in Woodstock to present their homework - a short speech about their ambitions to participate in the Tall Ships' Race 2007 aboard the De Europa. All of them did it well and had much improved from the previous. Some serious work had gone into this. Furthermore they discussed a typical African dish, which they will have to prepare for the whole crew during the race. The shortlisted candidates voted for:

1. Braai, 2. Babootie and 3. Potjie Koos. What do you think? Post your vote!

In the afternoon the candidates went to the Barque De Europa, wich spent a week in Cape Town for maintenance work before sailing on to the Netherlands. Despite a very tight schedule Captain Klaas Gaastra and his crew made it possible for the youth to explore the ship some of them will be sailing on - now the excitement its even greater.

We had planned a big reception aboard the De Europa for all interested people. However the maintenance work and the bad weather crossed our plans and only a few people could come. One of them was Admiral Koos Louw, who has promised to convince his wife to teach the South African team to cook a proper Babootie. This will be fun!

Click here to follow the De Europa on her way back to the Netherlands.

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