Tuesday, May 29, 2007

1. Preparation Session - Uxolo Malube Nani

Last Saturday the series of preparation workshops started for the SA Team. All canditates (including the back up team) met at Cape Windjammers offices in the morning. They got a short introduction in blog writing and as from now it will be their task to continue this blog reporting about the activities during the preparation sessions as well as when sailing aboard the Europa. Below find the first entry. Check it out and see how writing skills are improving.

Today we got to know a bit more about each others background. We discussed the differnet places where we live and what the history of these places is. We also did our planning for fundraising and we discussed how we are going to approach the people who will sponsor us and what we going to do in return for them. We got to know about the 8 different countries sailing with us, what their capitals are and what languages they speak. We got the chance to meet Mr. Ulf Kaschl (biology teacher) who is a visitor from Germany and is going to be with us for a couple of weeks and he gave us as homework to read a paper on the Cape's Marine Ecology.
"Uxolo Malube Nani" - (Peace be with you)

Belinda and Thandikhaya, 26.05.2007

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